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It's winter in Gungahlin! Average night: 1.7°c.  Average day 11.8°c.  Average rainfall: 140.5mm.  Ave Frosts: 52.

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Gungahlin Forecast

August 2022

Mon 15: showers.   4°c to 10°c

Tue 16: a shower or two.  4°c to 12°c

Wed 17: partly cloudy.  1°c to 15°c

Thu 18: a possible shower.  4°c to 15°c

Fri 19: showers.  5°c to 12°c

Sat 20: showers.  2°c to 10°c

Sun 21: sunny.  1°c to 12°c

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Weather Data

Want to know what the weather was like on your last birthday?  Did it rain on Christmas Day in 2012?  When did it last snow in Gungahlin?

See what the weather was like in Gungahlin on any day from Jan 1999 to today.

Also available - extended current weather in Gungahlin and last 7 day graphs, charts and more... Gungahlin Weather Data

It's August! 

Long term Gungahlin averages


Ave Max: 12.6°C
Ave Min: 1.7°C
Ave Rain: 49.3mm

Wettest: 122.0mm (1998)

Rain Days: 12
Hottest day: 21.0°C (1999)
Coldest day: 4.8°C (2008)

Warmest night: 11.1°C (2003)
Coldest night: -6.6°C (2003)
Ave no. of frosts: 17

Ave no. of fogs: 3


Weather in Gungahlin - all months

2022 Rainfall Challenge

(Updated: 8 August 2022)

Gungahlin: 436.3mm
Canberra AP: 470.6mm
Tuggeranong: 698.2mm
Monash: 657.4mm
Goulburn: 677.6mm
Cooma: 420.5mm

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About the Gungahlin Weather Centre

The Gungahlin Weather Centre (634m asl) is located in Ngunnawal, a northern suburb of Canberra, Australia's National Capital. The centre opened in 1998 and records all major weather elements including; temperature, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, heat index, evaporation, UV, wind direction, wind speed and wind chill.  Read more about Gungahlin Weather Centre

Gungahlin Weather Records

1998 to 2022

Hottest temp: 43.7°C (4 Jan 2020)
Coldest temp: -7.1°C (2 July 2017)
Coldest day: 2.6°C (12 Jun 2009)
Warmest night: 30.0°C (1 Feb 2020)
Strongest wind: 78.9km/h (24 Aug 2003)

Wettest month: 176.3mm (Feb 2002)
Driest month: 0.0mm (May 2005)
Wettest year: 820.4mm (2016)
Driest year: 308.6mm (2019)
Longest dry spell: 56 days (16 Apr - 10 Jun 05)


Gungahlin Weather Facts & Figures

Gungahlin Weather Photos

Gungahlin Weather Centre through ice.JPG

Winter has arrived across Gungahlin. It's our favourite season of the year here at the Gungahlin Weather Centre.  Is it yours?

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